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Types of Volcanoes
Friday, July 31, 2009 • 1:12 PM • 0 comments

Today, I want to share you some story called "Types of Volcanoes".

mount st helens is classified as a stratovolcano There are two main types of volcanoes "shield and composite". Shield volcanoes are usually found in the middle of tectonic plates. Islands like Hawai'i are good examples of this type of volcano. There's a hole in the middle of the plate and magma moves out and piles on top of itself, slowly building a mountain of rock. That magma comes from small tunnels which scientists call vents.

The other big type is a composite volcano. This type of volcano is usually what you think of as a volcano. It's shaped like a cone and mainly made up of ash, which has piled up and compacted over the years. You'd find these volcanoes in subduction zones like Mount Ararat in Turkey. The stuff that comes out is smaller. There's not so much lava but lots of small rocks and a lot of ash. Those rocks are called pyroclastic. So, if you want some more, please click at


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