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Types of Lava
Sunday, August 2, 2009 • 3:14 PM • 0 comments

an incandescent hole from the kilauea volcano in hawaiiJust as there are multiple types of volcanoes, there are three types of lava. Silicic lava you should be able to figure out. Have you ever heard of the element silicon? Silicon is the main component of silicic lava. It's 70 percent silicon dioxide compounds. That type of lava has formed most of the continents.

The second type is mafic lava. It has the least amount of silicon dioxide compounds, less than 50 percent. It has a lot of iron and manganese compounds to make up the difference. It makes up most of the rock at the bottom of the ocean.

Last, but not least, is intermediate lava. It's in the middle in more ways than one. It has percentages of silicon substances in between silicic and mafic lava types. It is also the type of rock that makes up the edges of the continents (between the ocean floors and main continental plates). It's like the middle kid in the family. If you want to know more plese click at


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