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My Cutie Frens !
Saturday, April 23, 2011 • 4:14 PM • 0 comments

Hey ! I'm gonna
tell you a story ...
A story about my frens ...
This frens are my truly frens ...

I grow up with them
I laugh with them
I study with them
Even I play with them ...

I just remember 
when i'm at 'Puchong' .
Ohh My God ! 
Really serious I miss my frens !
I miss them a lot !

I still remember ..
When we all sick togeda..
When we all play togeda ..
When we all gossips each other ...
Aaarrrggghhh !
I really miss you girls and boys a lot 
you know !


xoxo, Mrs. Zayn Malik

One Direction - One Thing♥

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