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What Makes You Beautiful
Thursday, December 22, 2011 • 10:32 PM • 0 comments

Hye peeps.  So today I writee this post using my happy kay? Yeah, becoz hanim is using the lappy.  Tomorrow is a big day orite. Wanna know why? Its my mom's beday okay? Yeah, Sharifah's beday.  Hmmm,  I thaught of giving her a set of make-up.  ??? Not really a set of makeup but a makeup kay. Of coz using my own money! Haha,  watlek sudaaa. I kumpul sampai RM50! Caye tak? Tak caye sudaaaa. Kbye. ....

# Oh ya,  is anyone wanna give this red velvet cake for free for my moms beday? Hekhek.  Wish ade org yg baik hati belikan. Muahahhaa

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