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How To Make Scrolling Marquee?
Monday, July 20, 2009 • 12:42 PM • 1 comments

Have u ever wonder how to make your text or words moving up and down, scroll from right to left across the page ? We use marquee tag to make it. Marquee is used to creates a scrolling display.
U can copy and paste this code into your editor.

Here is a variation on the basic marquee : -

1) The text will slide in from the right and stop at the left margin.
Just add this tag:

<marquee behavior=scroll direction="left">Your message here</marquee>
Hi! Welcome to Diary Of Rina's blog!

2) How to make a marquee go back and forth between the margins

<marquee behavior="alternate">your message here</marquee>
Welcome to Diary Of Rina's blog!

Isn't this cool?!! menaritepuktangancelebratewait...i have more to share....

3) How to add different widths to any marquee

<marquee behavior="alternate" bgcolor="#color" width="400">your message here</marquee>

Welcome to Diary Of Rina's blog!

Tips : You can change the font type, color and size by adding the font tag before the marquee, but don't forget / jangan lupa to close the font tag at the end of the marquee. Also, you can make any of your marquee messages a hyperlink by adding the tag before and after your message.

4) How to change direction?
If you want it to go in a different direction, just type in "right" instead of "left", or "up" and even "down" in your basic marquee code:

Hi! Welcome to Diary Of Rina's blog! This is a really cool marquee. You can even add hyperlinks!! Click here! You can even add images: clickme


xoxo, Mrs. Zayn Malik

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